The only way to change a recorded deed is to have a new deed prepared and recorded in the Clerk.s Land Records Office. The deed on record cannot be changed. Once a document is recorded, it cannot be changed.

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What are my rights if my name is not on a deed but married in Virginia?

If the wife.s name is not on the deed, it doesn.t matter. It.s still marital property because it was bought during the marriage. This makes it marital property and is still split between both parties. The wife is entitled to receive either equal share or equitable share of the house.

What documents do I need to change my name in Virginia?

Bring this form to your local DMV office and present your current driver.s license. You will also need to bring two documents to prove your identification, such as a birth certificate or passport, and proof of your name change, i.e., marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.
How do you add someone to a deed in Virginia?
How do I add someone or remove someone from my deed? To make changes to ownership of property, a new deed will need to be prepared and recorded in the Clerk.s Office where the property is located.

What is a Virginia Quitclaim Deed? A Virginia quitclaim deed form (sometimes called a quick claim deed or quit claim deed) transfers Virginia real estate from the current owner (grantor) to the new owner (grantee) without a warranty of title. The grantee acquires only the interest that the grantor had.
How do I transfer land title?
Documents Required:

  1. Certified true copy of the new title or Photocopy of New Title but present original Owner.s copy of the new title.
  2. Photocopy of the previous title.
  3. Deed of conveyance.
  4. Certified true copy of latest Tax Declaration (For BIR purposes)
  5. Transfer Tax Receipt (original and 2 photocopies)

How do I change my name?
Steps to Legally Change Your Name
Petition to change your name by filling out a name change form, an order to show cause for legally changing your name, and a decree to legally change your name. Take these forms to the court clerk and file them along with your state.s required filing fees.
What is a deed of confirmation Virginia?
A deed of confirmation (An instrument that confirms the previous conveyance of property) Exempt from Grantor &amp. Grantee Tax.

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