Using *69. If you don.t have caller ID service on your landline, you may still be able to find out the number that last called you using the *69 feature. Lift the phone receiver and wait for a dial tone, then press the keys for *69.

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How do you find out the phone number that called you?

Identify a caller
To do a reverse-number lookup: Go to Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup. Enter the full 10-digit phone number and select Search now.

How can I find out who called me for free?

10 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites to Find Out Who Called You

  1. CocoFinder. You.ll definitely want to check out CocoFinder and its highly praised free reverse phone lookup feature.
  2. Spokeo. spokeo.
  3. PeopleFinders.
  4. Truecaller.
  5. Spy Dialer.
  6. CellRevealer.
  7. Spytox.

How do I find the last number dialed on my phone?
How to Find Out the Last Number Dialed

  1. Pick up your telephone receiver and hit the star (or &quot.*&quot.) button, followed by the numbers &quot.6&quot. and then &quot.9.&quot. A recorded voice will tell you what number just dialed yours.
  2. Wait for the phone to begin ringing and then address the person who answers.
  3. Contact your phone company.

Even though the phone number has been hidden from your Caller ID, you can still find it out by entering the Last Call Return code of “*69”. This code will only work on the most recent call that received and must be used within 30 minutes.
How can I get call history?
First, open the call icon app on the phone. Second, tap Recents to check the call history. The red icon refers to the incoming missed calls. The blue icon means the incoming calls that you had answered.
Can you find out who called you on a landline?
Last Caller ID: dial 1471
And when listened to their phone number, you can press 3 to call back the Last Caller. If this isn.t working for you, it could be because they withheld their number or their call went to voicemail.
How can I check my landline call history?
How to Get a Landline Call History

  1. Check your phone bill. Some landline companies give you a list of all the calls sent and received from your phone.
  2. Look in your phone.s menu.
  3. Check the website of your landline carrier.
  4. Call your carrier and ask for a copy of your call history.

How can I find out who just called me for free?
.Who Called Me. is a free, website-based service that allows you to quickly and easily find out who is calling you. If you want to find out more about who called you, start a phone number search by simply entering the number into the search box above. We.ll then identify who a telephone number belongs to.
How can I find out who a phone number belongs to without paying?
One site that dependably performs a free and trustworthy reverse phone lookup is the simply named Phone Lookup. To use the site, simply enter the full 10-digit phone number you want to perform a reverse search on and click Search.

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